CCTV Cameras & Retail / Restaurant Security

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Retail / Restaurant Security?

Keep your store/restaurant, and the important things in it, safe and secure at all times. Check in on the locks, cameras, and doors from across the street or across the globe. Receive alerts when someone enters the location after hours. Set lights to automatically turn off after business hours, while keeping key sensitive areas illuminated. Smart security solutions put peace of mind at your fingertips so you can trust that all is safe and sound.

How Many Security Cameras Does My Location Need?


Ultimately this depends on the size of your location. Common areas for security cameras include: Main entrances, secondary entrances and exits, near cash registers, parking lots, lobbies, kitchens, employee only areas, seating areas. You want to balance the businesses need for security, without sacrificing the welcoming atmosphere of your restaurant or retail location.

How Much Should I Budget?


After decades of retail & restaurant installations, our trained & certified installers have seen it all. We can help you determine what type of CCTV system will work for you, and we can provide you with a budget range to help assist your planning. Click the button below to get started. 

CCTV Cameras & Retail / Restaurant Security

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